• focus


    Focus: building and landscapes high quality view!

    Vision Maps 3D allows a preview of integrated structural works embedded in different areas in day and night conditions, providing a high-definition rendering level guaranteed on 2D and 3D models.
    Users are allowed, through the platform, to have a completely different approach to existing mapping systems by creating a realistic, high-impact visual experience moving in a virtual environment very close to reality.

  • know-how


    Our experience and attention to detail transform a project into reality.

    With Vision Maps 3D it's possible to transform any existing project into virtual reality by adapting it into different environments. Construction, architecture, tourism, transport, or land promotion are just some of the fields where our product can be used, increasing productivity, sustainability and verifying environmental compatibility.
    Real projects can be embedded in videos allowing a 3D and 360° view through an unique tool and the best visual impact.
    Our costumers are companies and government agencies that need a realistic view of models and projects for the urban and industrial development or buildings and infrastructure modification and construction.

  • solution


    The perfect solution is a 3D and 360° landscape view!

    The chance of our 3D videos are:

    • high definition at any resolution;
    • viewing in any light condition;
    • auto 3D rendering;
    • simulation of new highways, bridges, buildings and any kind of infrastructure;
    • evaluation of measurements on 3D axes;
    • simulation of different weather conditions;
    • creation of civil, industrial, tourism and transport architectural applications;
    • High quality renderings for architecture studies, construction companies, engineers.

    Our technology fits on all types of projects with the purpose to find the tailor-made solution for our costumers and provide an impressive presentation.


What are the different applications?

The adaptability of Vision Maps 3D system allows it to be used in different environments.
Discover the right one for your needs.

  • Online marketing

    It's possible to create a 360° video that represent the corporate area allowing your customers to take a guided tour.

  • Environmental assessments

    It's possible to put the 3D rendered projects in the chosen area with a realistic definition in order to carry out an environmental assessment in real time.

  • Architecture and Design

    It's possible to create high-quality interactive movies for 3D visualization and presentation of architecture projects.


  • (Italiano) Il sito di Vision Maps 3D è online

    (Italiano) Siamo lieti di annunciare che il sito di Vision Maps 3D è finalmente online. Troverete tutte le informazioni principali sul nostro prodotto. Per informazioni non esitate a contattarci

  • (Italiano) Casio e Vision Maps 3D

    (Italiano) Le applicazioni e i mercati interessati alle proiezioni UltraHD 4K sono davvero numerosi. Abbiamo raccolto il parere di un importante testimonial, Roberto Miculan di Exco, che ha potuto valutare la qualità delle immagini del nuovo proiettorei di Casio proiettando un video 4K di Vision Maps 3D, un sistema di software che consente la visione di opere strutturali integrate sul territorio, quando non esistono nella realtà, con la possibilità di simulare la luce del giorno e della notte, e le differenti condizioni meteo.


Leading-edge software

Our experience and attention to detail transform the project into reality.

Vision Maps 3D allows the processing of georeferenced photos, altimeters, cadastral maps, buildings and simulation of weather conditions.

Vision Maps 3D is based on a realistic and reliable mathematical model, designed to allow the user to immerse themselves in a high-quality view for amplitude, land representation, with resolution up to 4K, even in stereoscopy. In the post-production phase, it’s possible to add graphic animations, special effects, business logos, and audio tracks.

Click here: take a look to preview video!

Innovation center

Why innovation is important

Experimentation and research to improve technology are important.
Vision Maps 3D’s innovation center is constantly working to make the existing technology accesible to everyone .

Display large portions of areas is not the only feature of Vision Maps 3D. Our team has been working and experimenting, for years, virtual reality 3D systems for  buildings and territory view reproducing the real environment with accuracy.

4k display

8k display

Vision Maps 3D is the experience that combines content created by digital systems with environments where both can coexist and interact.
Using VR viewers, as Oculust Rift or HTC Vive, 3D virtual world fits perfectly with the reality, adding to the perception of depth and perspective of 3D recreated objects

With the immersive experience of Vision Maps 3D you will have a full range of solutions to visualize each of your projects, with special features designed to enable you to work concretely in the real world.

3D Technology

360° system